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Catch up on Rigging Prawn Spinners with VIP Outdoors


With Springers showing up in good numbers, here’s another tool for your tackle box from VIP Outdoors.

With the high water conditions this winter, steelhead fishing called for adapting presentations to fit the water clarity. This spring, the water is still high and murky, but the 2016 Spring Chinook Forecast is promising, with lots of early fish being caught in spite of the adverse conditions and water clarity. Pro Escobedo of VIP Outdoors offers some tips on trolling prawn spinners to create a presentation with a little added color in this video tutorial.

Escobedo starts with a 40-inch leader of 30lb Maxima Ultragreen and 3/0-4/0 hooks, tying an improved bait loop that allows for exchanging a trailer hook from a single hook to a treble hook. Then, four 6mm beads are added to the leader to space the 4.5 Colorado blade from the bait and give it a good spin free from obstruction. Escobedo prefers the VIP Outdoors 4.5″ Mexican Hat as one of his personal favorite colors. A plastic, interchangeable clevis will allow you to adjust the colors and sizes of the blade in your presentation to the water conditions. When using a 3.5 Colorado blade, drop down to three 6mm beads.

Run the top hook through the tail meat of the prawn with the point facing towards the tail. The improved bait loop will allow for the trailer hook to be adjusted to fit so it lays alongside the “helmet” of the prawn. Rather than threading the prawn with the hook, use some magic thread to fasten the trailer hook in place, wrapping the shank of the hook to the prawn’s head. Then half hitch a knot or three to keep everything in place. The bend in the tail will give the prawn a nice spin, and keep it free from the spinning blade.

To learn how to target salmon, steelhead, and sturgeon from the man himself, you can book a trip with Pro Escobedo at VIP Outdoors Fishing Trips. To purchase spinner blades and other components to create the rigging from this tutorial yourself, you can shop at VIP Outdoors online.

For more information on targeting spring chinook, check out the presentations outlined in Steelhead University’s “Springerpalooza.”



Highlights from Steelhead University’s 2016 “Springerpalooza”

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Catch up on Rigging Prawn Spinners with VIP Outdoors