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How to Rig Thill Floats for Steelhead with Marlin LeFever

Learn how to rig Thill floats for steelhead with Marlin LeFever of Fishing Addicts Northwest.

If you’ve seen a few videos on the Fishing Addicts Northwest YouTube channel, you may have noticed a Thill float being Marlin’s choice of rigging for jigs and pink worms. Even Lonny Brooks likes to fish a gummy worm under a Thill float.

Thill Premium Steelhead floats are a fixed float design that works well in smaller streams where a sliding float isn’t necessary. These floats are weighted, so it’s designed to ride straight through the current.

As Marlin explains, using the tubing included with the float to keep it in place on both ends keeps your jig or worm in the strike zone at your preferred depth for each hole you plan to fish.

Start by removing the section of surgical tubing by lubricating it with a little spit. Once the tubing has been removed, cut it half, then thread the first section of tubing onto the line. Then wet the top of the float and slide it into the tubing. Adjust the float to the desired depth and slide the next piece of surgical onto the line, again wetting the bottom half of the float, and affixing the tubing into place.

You can easily adjust the float, and it will stay tight on your line. It’s recommended to use a fixed float directly on the leader, which is tied to the mainline somewhere above the float.


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How to Rig Thill Floats for Steelhead with Marlin LeFever