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How to Rig a Sliding Float for Steelhead

Cameron Black of Fishing Addicts Northwest explains how to rig a sliding float.

Float fishing grown increasingly in popularity with salmon and steelhead anglers. While fixed floats are popular for smaller streams, sliding floats allow the angler to adjust the depth of a larger weight attached to the mainline in order to provide the best presentation to the fish that are being targeted.

The additional weight also helps extend the ability to cast further in larger rivers. Sliding floats are incredibly useful when fishing big water. In this tutorial, Cameron Black explains his methods for rigging a sliding float.

First, having a good, strong braid like PowerPro Superslick will help keep your line above the water's surface, which is ideal for mending to avoid allowing slack in the line. Slide a rubber bobber stop onto the mainline, then place a bead below the stop, and a small corkie below the bead before adding a Hawkens Fishing AeroFloat bobber.

Add a second bead below the bobber and tie the mainline off to a weighted swivel that matches the rating of your bobber. The beads prevent the bobber from jamming into the stop, which then prevents the weighted swivel from damaging the bottom half of the bobber. You may want to compensate for difference between the rating of your bobber and weighted swivel so that the additional weight of split shots or a jighead doesn't interfere with the buoyancy of the bobber.

Finally, tie a leader to the bottom of the weighted swivel with the presentation of your choosing. For jigs, tie at least three feet of leader between the weight and the jig in clearer water. Dinger Jigs provides a wide selection of jigs to choose from that will fit a variety of different fishing conditions.

To learn firsthand how Cameron Black fishes for steelhead from the man himself, book a trip with Gone Catchin' Guide Service, or subscribe to the Fishing Addicts Northwest Youtube channel for more tutorials.

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How to Rig a Sliding Float for Steelhead