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How to Rig a Fishing Pole and Be Ready for Anything [VIDEO]

Want to actually catch fish? This video will help you get your fishing rig ready.

If you’re like most of us and had someone in your family teach you how to rig a spinning rod and reel, than consider yourself lucky and don’t forget to take a moment to thank that person for the knowledge.

Not everyone was taught how to put together a fishing rod and reel. Watch as this video shows the basics of assembling a spinning combo that will get you ready for catching some fish.

There is nothing worse than planning a day fishing, and then spending the majority of the morning dealing with malfunctioning gear and a less than ideal set up. A little preparation can add to the hours of enjoyment that you will have when you are catching fish and not feeling frustrated. Take the time prior to a fishing trip to make sure your gear is ready to go.

Both you and your fishing friends will be happy!

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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned angler, it is important to ensure that the gear that you are using is ready to roll. All of us could learn from the lesson that this angler shares with us, regardless of our experience level.

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How to Rig a Fishing Pole and Be Ready for Anything [VIDEO]