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Rifles and Bag Limit Reductions Approved for Ohio Deer Hunting

The Ohio deer hunting season will see a few changes in 2014.

According to Cleveland.comrifles using straight-walled cartridges were approved for use by the Ohio Wildlife Council during the upcoming fall deer hunting season.

Bag limit reductions in 44 counties were also reduced by the council.

Finally, the bobcat was taken off of the Ohio threatened species list after the council's decision.

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Previously, cartridges with straight walls were allowed in handgun hunting and muzzleloaders along with certain shotguns during Ohio's gun season. Now, rifles will be added to the mix.

Reports say the push to make the change came from the Buckeye Firearms Association, which argued that the lessened recoil and lighter weight of the rifles that shoot straight-walled cartridges will make hunting more accessible to youth and older hunters.

The bag limit changes come after deciding to no longer operate with a few zones, and adjust per county. Five counties had their bag limits raised, with the aforementioned 44 being reduced.

The highest per-county bag limits are set at four, and only one antlered deer is allowed per season.

How will the changes, specifically the rifle allowance, affect the Ohio hunting season?

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Rifles and Bag Limit Reductions Approved for Ohio Deer Hunting