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Why You're Using the Wrong Rifle for Predator Hunting

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Predator hunting requires skills, patience, determination, and most of all the perfect weapon to get the job done.

In the world of predator hunting, there are many things that should be taken into consideration in order to be a successful hunter. Choosing your weapon is likely one of the first things to cross your mind.

I'm not really here to tell you that what you're using is wrong. I have my preferences, and everybody else has theirs. I want to help provide information on some of the more popular choices, and help you with at least a bit of suggestion.

The two most widely popular weapons chosen for coyote, mountain lion, and bobcat hunters are the M4 carbine and AR-15 carbine, due to their automatic features and the versatile and durable structure of these particular weapons. Here's how to decide on what works for you.


Choosing between the two (or deciding on another) can be based on a number of things. Hunting location is a key subject in determining what weapon is right for your hunt. Terrain features such as elevation of the surrounding areas, open fields or heavily vegetated or wooded areas factor in as well.

Another thing to consider is the range of your shot at the potentially longest stride. A typical .223 or 5.56 round will lead you to victory at shorter ranges than other weapons such as the .243 round.


The M4 and AR-15 spec firearms can also be purchased with favorable features to accommodate your needs, such as the picatinny rail system used for accessorizing.

Lights and calls can also be mounted to your rail system, giving you control of every aspect of your gear without moving any further than your fingertips.

There are many weapons that can and are used for hunting certain predators that will catch the eye of any hunter, but are these weapons really what you need to do the job in the field? Now after taking into consideration the benefits of the M4 And AR-15 it is time to move on to a few more of the weapons that may be more appealing to hunters.

More options

Bolt action rifles are used widely across the globe from the military to civilian hunters, and can serve a predator hunting purpose just fine. The seemingly endless line of weapons to be chosen from this category will keep your eyes open for a lifetime, or at least until you find the right one to fit your needs.

The Model 700 Remington is one of the world's most famous bolt action rifles due to its long history of success and engineering. You could choose a worse predator rifle.

The 700 is available in many different calibers, from the .243 all the way to the massive .300 Win or Ultra Mag. The type of game you will be trying to bag will determine which is the right gun for you.

The .243 is the perfect smaller caliber for hunting animals such as coyotes, mountain lions, or bobcats. This caliber will not destroy a large amount of the game animal, and will leave plenty of the natural beauty intact in case you want to mount or keep the hide of the animal. Also, the bolt action of the rifle makes it a deadly accurate piece of art.

In choosing the right weapon for you, take all of these things into consideration to make sure that you are not disappointed when you finally reach the field and the heat is on.

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Why You're Using the Wrong Rifle for Predator Hunting