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Guy Riding an Ice Auger (You Guessed It) Falls Off [VIDEO]

Check out this video of a guy riding an ice auger on a frozen lake, with his fishing buddies looking on.

In the video, a man sits on the handle bars of an auger and goes for a dizzying ride.

In the end, the man is launched off the drill, luckily without hurting himself too badly. Well, as far as we can tell, but who knows what happens after the camera stops recording.

We’re not sure where the video was shot, or who the guy was involved, but we can tell that it looks like equal parts winter weather fun and trouble waiting to happen.

Ice augers are drills that fishermen use to drill holes in ice for fishing. Some augers, like the one in the video, have a wide enough handle that you can sit on it, though we recommend you never do that.

Check out our ice fishing gear recommendations in our Ice Fishing Wish List.

We know that ice fishing can be a little slow at times, but we don’t recommend ever riding an ice auger. No matter how dull and dreary winters may get in the northern US, there’s got to be better ways to amuse yourself.

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Guy Riding an Ice Auger (You Guessed It) Falls Off [VIDEO]