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Even if You’re a Lion, Riding a Buffalo Like a Rodeo Bull Takes Serious Guts

Riding A Cape Buffalo Like A Rodeo Bull Like This Lion Did Takes Some Serious Guts

If you thought riding a rodeo bull was dangerous, you should see what happens when a lion tries to ride a Cape Buffalo. Don’t try this at home, folks!

Cape Buffalo are incredibly strong and powerful animals, which makes it that much more impressive that lions consider them to be one of their primary food sources. Taking down a buffalo with a rifle isn’t easy, so imagine trying to do so with just your teeth and claws. In order to stay away from the horns, a lion chases the buffalo down from behind, leaps onto the buffalo’s back, and attacks the neck. This sometimes results in the lion riding the buffalo like a rodeo bull for a few seconds.

Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, that’s a really dangerous way to catch a meal.

Check out the video to see how that worked out for this lion.

That was a great effort by the lion, but he didn’t last anywhere close to eight seconds. (However, it’s much tougher when you’ve got to chase down and climb onto the bull in order to ride it).

Riding a rodeo bull is tough enough, but trying to do that to a Cape Buffalo is a whole other ballgame in terms of danger. Don’t try this at home!

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Even if You’re a Lion, Riding a Buffalo Like a Rodeo Bull Takes Serious Guts