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Watch This Epic Black Marlin Sleigh Ride on a Kayak in Hawaii [VIDEO]

Ever seen a huge black marlin pull a kayak around in the ocean?

This fish puts up an incredible fight, and nearly jumps into one of the nearby kayaks during the tussle.

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The video starts out as the angler grabs a rod and reels down on the black marlin. The music starts and the fish immediately breaches the surface.

This happens repeatedly during the battle, and the fish even runs in between the different members of the group scattered about the area in kayaks.


Dealing with a big billfish is hard enough from a big boat with sturdy footing. The physical fitness and raw agility it takes to subdue such a fish from a kayak is beyond impressive. This was easy to see during the video.

The angler, Rob Wong Yuen from the Big Island of Hawaii, fights this 105-pound black marlin from an Ocean Kayak Trident 15 Angler. He lands the fish after quite a struggle. Rob has to pass the rod over his head, pointing the tip backwards on a few ocassions, as the fish takes blistering runs trying to get away from him.

At one point in the fight, the marlin cuts in between a few of Rob's friends, also in kayaks, and nearly jumps into one of their boats. He quickly puts some distance in between himself and the action after the close call.

Trying to describe fighting one of these acrobatic fish from a kayak as "extreme" is an understatement.

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Watch This Epic Black Marlin Sleigh Ride on a Kayak in Hawaii [VIDEO]