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Rhode Island Begins Stocking Trout for Winter Fishing

Just before 2015 turned to 2016, the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management announces new plans for stocking trout.

The Department will begin stocking trout across ponds and rivers in the state, leading to about 1,400 new brown trout and brook trout in the area. This plan will work to continue invigorating the recreational fishing industry.

The waterways stocked are planned to be “Carbuncle Pond in Coventry, Meadowbrook Pond in Richmond, Olney Poind in Lincoln, Silver Spring Lake in North Kingstown, Round Top Ponds in Burrillville, Barber Pond in South Kingstown, and Upper Melville Pond in Portsmouth,” as the Providence Journal reported on December 29.

Because the recreational fishing industry in Rhode Island “contributes more than $130 million to the state and local economy annually,” which includes guide trips, angling gear, and other fishing-related purchases.

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management’s director, Janet Coit, references the idea that these expansive stocking trout efforts will hopefully engage even more families in the spirit of angling. She also says, “Fishing is a popular winter activity for people of all ages, providing an opportunity to unwind, recharge and connect with nature.”

As the stocking trout efforts will begin immediately in 2016 and continue throughout the year, specifically focusing on the winter fishing season. However, Rhode Island anglers are asked to be cautious while angling this winter, taking care to not venture into any dangerous areas, such as ice that may not be firm yet or heading out in dismal winter conditions.

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Rhode Island Begins Stocking Trout for Winter Fishing