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Rhino Rampage in Nepal Leaves One Dead, Six Injured

rhino rampage in nepal
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Residents of a small town in Nepal recently experienced a rhino rampage after an Indian rhinoceros escaped from a wildlife refuge and terrorized the town.

Officials in Nepal successfully ended a rhino rampage in central Nepal by an endangered Indian rhinoceros that left one woman dead and six other people injured. The trouble started when the rhino wandered off an unfenced game reserve and traveled over 12 miles to the town in Makwanpur district, where it terrorized the town for over 24 hours.

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Though not normally known as aggressive animals, rhino suffer from very poor eyesight and can be very dangerous when they are confused or feel threatened. They are incredibly strong and deceptively fast, which makes for a dangerous combination.

It is unknown how the rhino ended up in the town, but it clearly did not enjoy the experience any more than the residents of the town did. During its time in the town, the rhino chased cars and pedestrians and even entered a hospital.

Nepalese officials brought in trained elephants, the only animals bigger and stronger than rhino, in a successful attempt to guide the rhino out of the town and back to the wildlife reserve. The officials and their elephants were able to return the rhino to its home without incident.

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Nepal currently has a population of 534 rhinos and has been hailed in the international community for having very few recent incidents of poaching.

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Rhino Rampage in Nepal Leaves One Dead, Six Injured