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Rex Del Rey’s PSA About Over Hashtagging Anglers

Rex Del Rey’s at it again with a “Please Stop Already” announcement regarding over hashtagging anglers.

Rex Del Rey’s PSAs have covered topics in the past such as sharing too much information publicly on social media, gathering attention as one of several must-see YouTube channels.

In this video, Rex “Tex” Del Rey is at it again with another PSA (Please, Stop Already!) annoucement regarding the ever popular over-hashtagging angler. This time, Tex has a message for that pro staffer, product promoter, and brand ambassador that has to hash-tag everything.

While Tex’s approach may be comedic in nature, marketing is actually his true profession, with a decade of experience and a double major in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

“Look man, you aint doing yourself or the brand any favors by adding that many hashtags. Most hashtags you need is about three, four max. You know what I think when I see that many hashtags? This guy’s trying to sell me something. I guarantee, when you got that many hashtags, ain’t nobody clicking on a damn hashtag, and that’s the most times I’ve ever said “hashtags” in my whole life, hashtag, lotta hashtags.”

For those who want to find out more about how to effectively build and promote their brand, he’s laid out a thorough guide for using proper and effective etiquette that produces results on his blog,


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Rex Del Rey’s PSA About Over Hashtagging Anglers