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Backcountry Hunting Reality: Packing out Game [VIDEO]

Packing out game is one of the things that defines a western or backcountry hunter.

Remi Warren knows all about the joys and miseries of packing out his kill from remote locations.

Watch as he complains about packing out game and gives some tips on how to get your kill back to your vehicle without wrecking your body.

In most of these clips, Remi appears to be packing meat with the bones still in. One way to reduce the weight of a downed animal is to debone it in the field.

Just be sure to check the regulations in your hunting area since some places require that proof of sex be left on the animal.

Packing out game can be a tough proposition, but the effort is worth the reward when you are grilling elk steaks in your backyard come summer.

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Backcountry Hunting Reality: Packing out Game [VIDEO]