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The Revolution of the GoPro in Hunting and Fishing

If you’ve used the GoPro in hunting and fishing, consider yourself part of a new wave of sportsmen.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the past few years, you’ve probably heard about a camera called the GoPro.

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Used by everyone from extreme sports athletes to guys that like to hug lions, GoPro cameras are small, lightweight and mountable so as to – according to the GoPro website – “Capture life’s most interesting moments.”

A recent release of the most advanced GoPro yet, the Hero3, was received with enthusiasm from global users with its 4K video resolution, built-in Wi-Fi and waterproof capabilities up to 40 meters.

In addition to the cameras themselves, GoPro sells harness mounts, helmet mounts and more, essentially turning the GoPro into a high-quality wearable camera. Whether you wish to capture the first-person perspective of a death defying skydive or just want to document the things you see on a bike ride around town, GoPro is the way to go.

Since the primary use of GoPro is as a sporting camera, it’s hardly surprising that outdoorsmen and women have already begun thinking about the role that it could play in fishing and/or hunting. The GoPro has been around for a while now, and some hunters and anglers have already implemented the cameras in their day-to-day activities.

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However, now that the cameras seem to be truly catching on in the mainstream, we’d be willing to bet that you will be seeing more and more of them over the course of the next year or two.

So what value does a mountable GoPro sporting camera have for hunters or anglers? Perhaps the most obvious benefits of the technology will be enjoyed by fishermen, many of whom already are attracted to the idea of filming their most heroic catches.

There’s a reason that several companies sell accessories that can be used to mount an iPhone on a fishing rod. Anglers want to be able to hit records and document their fishing endeavors. If they catch a small fish, there’s no need for them to hold on to the video footage. However, if the fish turns out to be a real monster, the video could become a keepsake that that angler treasures for years. Why tell the story of a grueling record-breaking catch when you can show it on video?

Of course, the fishing benefits of a GoPro aren’t limited to the successful catches that anglers want to capture for posterity’s sake. On the contrary, one of the most advantageous aspects of getting fishing footage is that it allows you to analyze what went right when you were successful and what went wrong when you failed.

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Virtually all serious athletes spend time in the film room, watching videos of themselves in an effort to become better. From golfers hoping to improve their swing to football players watching game tape, plenty of athletes have found an appreciation for captured footage. The GoPro will allow you to join their ranks and make you a better angler in the process.

The same could be said for hunters, especially for bow hunters who are still mastering their archery skills. Hunting footage could be invaluable to helping an aspiring archer correct the flaws in their shooting technique and land more hits in the long run. Gun hunters could benefit similarly, and shotgun-mounted GoPros are already creating some fantastic footage.

Ultimately, it’s about continuing to push the envelope in terms of how good of a hunter or angler you are, and how well you can capture the moving pictures of your outdoor adventures. Plenty of folks out there are thinking about the next best way to use a GoPro in hunting and fishing, and for a relatively inexpensive purchase, you can join them.

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The Revolution of the GoPro in Hunting and Fishing