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Reviewing the Inforce APL Weapon Light [VIDEO]

The Inforce APL 200, is a weapon light that is both affordable and lightweight.

Many weapon lights are available on the market. Including those from competitors such as Surefire, and Streamlight. The Inforce APL is a full duty weapons light that is both functional and reliable. Made of a solid polymer exterior the APL packs a solid LED light that won’t give out.

Starting with the paddle switches, the APL is very easy to operate, even with gloves on. The wide paddles allow shooters of all hand sizes to easily activate the light. The integrated rail mount allows the APL to be mounted to any pistol that has a standard 1913 picatinny rail.

Comparing lumens to other weapon lights, the APL is only rated at 200 lumens, which may or may not be a bad feature depending on the shooter. Some end users want a light that is bright enough for indoor room clearing.

An ultra bright light may not be beneficial for indoor use as they can be blinding in tight hallways, and may become a liability more than an asset.

Conversely an ultra bright light with 500+ lumens would be beneficial for shooters doing nighttime outdoor activities, which would require much more light intensity to cover larger areas of open space.

It is unknown if the APL was submersible in water. For those looking for amphibious operations this will require further testing.

As the APL becomes more popular, more holsters are made available for compatibility and fit with pistols. Overall, this is a great addition to any tactical pistol. Users will approve of the ease of use and clarity of light provided.

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Reviewing the Inforce APL Weapon Light [VIDEO]