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GEAR REVIEW: Rock Island Armory’s Newest TAC Ultra CS 1911 [VIDEO]

Looking for a new 1911-style concealed carry pistol? Watch this review of the Rock Island Armory TAC Ultra CS 1911.

The latest from the Rock Island Armory’s TAC series is available, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

For those of you looking for a 1911-style concealed carry pistol, you’ll probably want to check out Rock Island Armory’s TAC Ultra CS 1911. It is available in both a .45 and 9mm.

The Tactical II CS is an all-steel, 1911 handgun, which is comfortable to shoot and the perfect size for concealed carry. The reviewers in the video tested the Officer’s Model.

“Now traditionally, with the officer’s model, they tend to be somewhat unreliable. Over the years that is what I have found,” Sootch00 said. “But this pistol, I shot it for 400 rounds and not one hiccup and the magazine stayed back after each magazine was spent, it just really did well.”

Though this pistol has an all-steel frame and is a little on the heavier side for concealed carry, it is comfortable to shoot and small enough to easily conceal. The recoil is really smooth, which is probably the result of the longer beaver tail and updated pistol grips. Both are well-designed and comfortable.

In previous models, the size of the ambidextrous safety was getting in the way of some shooters’ proper grip. This doesn’t seem to be a problem with this newer model, which is a plus! The trigger pull on the Rock Island Armory 1911 CS Ultra Tactical II 45 ACP is about five pounds. This isn’t bad at all, considering the average trigger pull is usually between 3.5 to 5.5 pounds.

“Rock Island Armory produces the most 1911s in the world. The reason why their company is doing so well is because these handguns are excellent,” Sootch00 said. “For the money, they are very difficult to beat.”

With the added bells and whistles, the current MSRP on this compact pistol is $751.00.

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GEAR REVIEW: Rock Island Armory’s Newest TAC Ultra CS 1911 [VIDEO]