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Review of the RUGER SR1911 Commander 45 pistol

Watch this description and review of the RUGER SR1911 Commander 45 pistol and enjoy the workings of an American classic.

Gunblastdotcom does what they do best by doing a review of the RUGER SR1911 Commander. What is better than a gun review of a 1911? A review of an American-made 1911, of course.

What are you getting when you buy a Ruger 1911? You are getting a gun made in America that features quality craftsmanship. The 1911 Series has tight slide-to-frame fit for smooth slide travel with oversized ejection port and extended magazine release that reduces the chances of hang-ups and having to do immediate actions.

Its traditional design combined with oversized beavertail grip safety and high-viz sight system give you the rugged performance expected in a 1911 with modern updates. It retains the best of the original 1911 design conceived by John Browning and springs it into the 21st Century.

What else will surprise you? The price point: with a MSRP for the RUGER SR1911 45 Commander at $939.00, you are getting the best possible American made 1911 with features that could easily run in the thousands of dollars for a competitors 1911 model. This is a quality gun that will require no customization as soon as you get it out of the box and onto the range.

To see the full line of Ruger 1911s check out their website.


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Review of the RUGER SR1911 Commander 45 pistol