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REVIEW: Double-Barrel 1911 AF2011A1 [VIDEO]

The only thing better than a 1911 is the double-barrel 1911 by Arsenal Firearms.

In a video review by YouTube user GY6, viewers are given a full review of the double-barrel 1911 AF2011A1 by Arsenal Firearms.

While some critics claim that this gun is not practical, GY6 breaks down the pros and cons of this firearm and what makes it unique when comparing it to others on the market.

Ultimately, the combination of his teaser video and the full review would make any gun enthusiast want to try it out, even if just once.

GY6 provides an excellent review of the double-barrel 1911.

First, he confronts the comments that many skeptics vocalized when the gun was first introduced at the 2012 IWA & Outdoor Classics show in Nuremberg, Germany. The fact that the gun isn’t concealable, or even practical, had gun owners turning their interest to other firearms.

“It’s not meant to be concealed, it’s not meant to be practical, it’s just meant to be awesome,” YouTube GY6 states.

Next, GY6 dives into the making of the gun and compares it alongside of a Kimber 1911 .45 ACP to give you an idea of size, which adds almost a full inch in the width of the gun and makes it almost twice the size of a normal-sized 1911. GY6 also addresses the idea that many people believe that this handgun is simply two 1911 firearms welded together, which he claims is false.

Arsenal Firearms’ idea presented the gun world with innovative and new ideas, which many would argue have been lacking over the past century. Once the idea of a double-barrel 1911 was presented, Arsenal Firearms spent countless hours to ensure that the gun functioned properly, regardless of the fact that the gun releases two rounds.

Like every other gun on the market, this one has its pros and cons:


  • The slide has two springs instead of one, which reduces the amount of recoil when firing.
  • Holds two 8-round magazines with two in the chamber, allowing you to have an 18-round capacity.
  • Maintenance is identical to a normal-sized 1911 (you just have twice as many parts).


  • The firearm has two triggers, but all that you have to do is pull one to dump both barrels.
  • Having two springs makes working the slide much harder.
  • Not meant for speed reloading due to the center divider between the two magazines.

All in all, the gun has a really good feel and shoots very well. Arsenal Firearms recommends that you shoot off between 500-1,000 rounds to properly break in the handgun. GY6 claims that the break-in period wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t bad either because he went through over 500 rounds without cleaning the gun. The break-in period also helped ease some of the retention on the springs, which made working the slide easier than when the gun was first taken out of the box.

The only issue that GY6 pointed out was that Arsenal Firearms needs to improve the sights. Both the front sights and the back sights came off during the break-in period, which shouldn’t happen with a firearm in such a high price range.

If you want a fun gun to shoot and show your friends and you have about $4,400 to spend, this gun is perfect for you.

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REVIEW: Double-Barrel 1911 AF2011A1 [VIDEO]