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A Review of The 4-in-1 Woodsman Axe: A Tool You Need [PICS]

4-in-1 Woodsman Axe
All photos via Chris Buckner

The 4-in-1 Woodsman Axe, sold by Plow & Hearth, looks like it could be one of the best tools ever to have around. So, I put it through its paces.

As someone who love the outdoors, I am always looking for new tools and gear that will help make time in the outdoors even more enjoyable. The 4-in-1 Woodsman Axe is one of those tools.

As soon as I saw this tool I knew that it had the potential to be a game changer for the outdoor community.

The 4-in-1 Woodsman Axe is sold by Plow & Hearth and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one for a good thorough testing.

What You Get

The tool itself, as the name suggests, is actually four tools built into one, while still being easy to carry. The handle measures just over 20 inches long, and the blade is slightly under 9 inches and the whole thing is less than two inches at its widest point. Weighing in at 2.6 pounds, it is still light enough to carry around in a pack without weighing you down too much.

The axe has a polymer handle and the blade is made of 420 stainless steel; the saw blades even have rust corrosion protection. The tool comes with an awesome, high-visibility blade cover that ensures safe keeping and doubles to secure the blade for the bow saw. I found this cover to be very nice when packing the tool to ensure that nothing was accidentally cut or damaged.

The most obvious use of this tool is as an axe or hatchet. This is the most visible use but once you look closer you will notice the back of the head is crafted into a mallet, the bottom of the handle has a stake puller, and with a few seconds of work, you can transform the hatchet into a bow saw.

The 4-in-1 Woodsman Axe in Action

I have spent the past couple of weeks thoroughly testing out the 4-in-1 Woodsman Axe and found that, overall, it stands up to almost any challenge you can throw at it.

I’ll start off with the hatchet or axe part of tool.

I found the tool to be just the right length to actually be used with either one or two hands. This gives it the ability to be used as both hatchet or axe with relative ease. I was able to quickly chop unwanted branches off trees, as well as completely fell trees up to around 12 inches in diameter with little trouble.

I don’t see any reason you couldn’t use it on anything bigger, I just haven’t needed to yet and didn’t want to kill a tree just for the test. I was also able to use the axe to split logs into firewood. The biggest piece I actually split was around six inches in diameter, but I think you could go larger with no trouble.

The only real issue I found with the 4-in-1 Woodsman Axe was with the hatchet feature. During use, I found that unless you actively hold the bottom of the handle, it will come open during use. It is made to open for the purpose of the bow saw, but it would be nice to see a feature that ensures that it stays completely locked when not in use.

4-in-1 Woodsman Axe

Up next is the bow saw.

The blades of the saw conveniently store in the handle of the hatchet for quick access. To use the saw you simply grab a blade and hook it on under the hatchet blade cover and to an access point at the bottom of the handle.

I found the saw to work very well for wood up to about six inches in diameter. Anything bigger than that would be hard to get enough room to actually cut. To use the saw, you hold it by the blade cover.

The blade is covered with rubber and it actually fits in the hand remarkably well and makes the bow saw quite easy to use.

4-in-1 Woodsman Axe

The mallet and stake puller both work as advertised; these were both tested and both proved to do exactly what they should with no flaws. These tasks may not have been as thoroughly tested, but it was enough to prove that they work.

During the mallet use, I did notice the same issue with the bottom of the handle coming undone if not held tight.

The Conclusion

Overall, the 4-in-1 Woodsman Axe made by Zippo, is a great addition to any sportsman’s gear. It makes a great tool for backpacking, to take with you to hunting camp, or just to leave in your car for camping.

The tool sells for $79.95 over at Plow & Hearth and if you sign up for emails on their website, there is a good chance you can get a coupon to get this awesome tool at an even better price.

If you are looking for a good tool that you will find yourself using over and over, you’ll want to add this to your collection today.

All photos via Chris Buckner

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A Review of The 4-in-1 Woodsman Axe: A Tool You Need [PICS]