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Retired Firefighter Catches Near 100-Pound California Opah [PICS]


No matter where you go, this California opah is a big fish. 

Recently, a very large California opah was caught by a retired Los Angeles firefighter.

Keith Bridges, from Mission Viejo, was fishing with a couple friends when he set hooks into the massive moonfish. It was clear Bridges didn’t know what he had fighting him on the end of his line.


Stating that this was the biggest fish Bridges has ever caught, he plans to split the fillets up between his friends then donate the rest to science.

Fishermen rarely catch these giant deepwater fish that are found in most oceans. Often when they do, it makes the news. The opah is a sushi staple in Asian markets but it just hasn’t caught on much in the United States.

Opahs were also in the news last year when it was discovered that they are the only fish on the planet that can warm their entire body greater than the ocean temperature.

Other fish are able to warm specific parts of their bodies, such as their internal organs, but none to the level of the opah.

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Retired Firefighter Catches Near 100-Pound California Opah [PICS]