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Respect the Fisher Cat, It Can Take Down Foxes [VIDEO]

Is this fisher cat really trying to make lunch out of a silver fox?

Nature is hardcore.

Right when you think you’re the biggest badass in the woods, here comes the fisher cat to let you know how wrong you really are.

And make you into an hors d’oeuvres.

Warning– Contains the sound of an animal in its death throes.


Although not a feline, the fisher is commonly referred to as a fisher cat. This carnivorous mammal is closely related to the American marten and is part of the weasel family.

Males and females of the species are alike in appearance, but the males are generally larger.

This is a badass animal with a badass attitude. Do you think that fox would have made it had the guy not walked up with the video camera?

Well think again, because the fisher cat is one of the few predators that regularly and successfully prey on porcupines.

Respect the fisher cat my friends.



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Respect the Fisher Cat, It Can Take Down Foxes [VIDEO]