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Residents of New York Town Want Hunting Restrictions Changed

WKBW Buffalo

Residents of Lancaster, New York, are concerned with suburban bowhunters and as a result, proximity restrictions may tighten.

According to WKBW Buffalo, a bowhunter in the Trentwood Trail area of Lancaster, New York, has the town in a stir. The gentleman in question recently purchased a piece of property in the area, and he has been, legally, using the property to bowhunt.

Residents are concerned that the hunting activity is too close to their homes, citing concerns for themselves and their children. Currently, crossbow hunters must remain 250 feet from a residential structure, while those using longbows must stay 150 feet way.

A new law has been drafted that would require bowhunters to legally hunt 500 feet away from a residential structure, but not all residents are in favor of the new law and proposed hunting restrictions.

“If I’m wearing my brown Carhartt jacket in the woods and was walking through the woods, before any [bow hunter] was to draw his bow back he would he would know that I’m a human and not a deer,” said David Anthony at a public town hearing on the subject.


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Residents of New York Town Want Hunting Restrictions Changed