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Rescued Baby Seal Makes Amazingly Fast Recovery to Be Released into Wild [VIDEO]


This baby seal makes the fastest recovery that the rehabilitation group has ever seen when she quickly learns to feed herself.

Rehabilitating animals is a very tough job. You are taking animals that have never been in human contact and trying to get them to trust you long enough to heal them. Baby animals present a whole new set of challenges, especially when you have to teach them how to catch food on their own without help.

This baby seal seems to pick up on it very quickly though.

Hope for Wildlife rescued this baby seal after she seems to have been separated from her parents. She is severely underweight and they must get her to eat without her becoming dependent on them.

This is the first pup that has learned to feed on her own, making her recovery and a release a speedy one.

It is so great to watch animals that get to head back into the wild. I am just impressed how big of a change the seal pup went through from the beginning of the video to the end.

To be released that soon after being brought in is just incredible, but for the best. When animals are brought in, the faster they recover the better, so they don’t become dependent on their caretaker to survive.

I truly hope that pup finds a large group of seals to join and keeps on growing up strong.

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Rescued Baby Seal Makes Amazingly Fast Recovery to Be Released into Wild [VIDEO]