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Rescue Me Balloon Promises to Save Lives [VIDEO]

Why send up a flare that dissipates within seconds, when you can secure your survival with an illuminated balloon that identifies your location for a whole week?

If only Gilligan had the Rescue Me Balloon, he might have been rescued from his island during the first episode. Now crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the Rescue Me Balloon is perfect for hunters, hikers, anglers and any sort of survivalist.

The compact, easy-to-carry canister can send an SOS balloon 150 feet above the user, and it illuminates an SOS signal using its very own LED light.

In summary, it’s a flare that lasts a week.

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Hoping to tweak the design of its successful prototype, Rescue Me Balloon is seeking crowd donations at any amount, but those who pledge at least $40 will receive their own Rescue Me Balloon emergency canister. For just $10 more, backers will be entitled to a Rescue Me Balloon recreational canister. Additional canisters and accessories are offered to backers pledging larger donations.

The Rescue Me Balloon project will be funded if it receives at least $100,000 pledged to Kickstarter by Jan. 1. As of Nov. 30, $18,500 has been pledged to the project.

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Rescue Me Balloon Promises to Save Lives [VIDEO]