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Republican Presidential Candidates Rushing to Claim Gun Rights Stance

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As it becomes more clear who will be in the running for the Republican nomination for a Presidential run in 2016, there will be plenty of issues that divide the candidates. Gun rights will not be one of those issues.

A strong belief in the Second Amendment at a minimum, and in most cases gun ownership, is a common theme among the notable Republican candidates positioning themselves for a presidential run in 2016. According to this article from the Washington Post, the 15 most likely candidates own over 40 guns between them, both for protection and sport.

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Former Texas governor Rick Perry is well-known for jogging around Austin with a .380 Ruger pistol to dispatch coyotes that might cross his path, and former Hewlett Packard exec Carly Fiorina has outlined her self-defense plan which includes access to a Glock 17 9mm pistol.

While there are some notable non-owner exceptions--in particular New Jersey governor and once perceived front-runner Chris Christie--others in the limelight have made it plenty clear they are armed and ready for whatever may come their way. In a party certain to quibble about the finer points of its collective politics as election-time nears, candidates are snatching the low-hanging fruit in emphasizing the importance of the Second Amendment and its relationship to smaller and less restrictive government while they have a chance.

You can rest assured many of these candidates will "become" hunters--even if temporarily--as a way to further drive home their allegiance to gun rights issues. It's all a part of the theater of politics where appearances can tell as much of a story as reality.

Theatre wins attention, and ultimately attention will lead to the Republican nomination.

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Republican Presidential Candidates Rushing to Claim Gun Rights Stance