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Man Shoots at Ohio News Reporter with Compound Bow [PICS]

Images via Jody Barr/FOX19

A news reporter was shot at with a bow, a definite first for the career journalist.

FOX19 NOW investigator, Jody Barr, was on the scene of a local story in a Cincinnati park when a man shot at him with a compound bow.

The arrow didn’t injure Barr. It merely bounced off the curb before hitting him, but it was no doubt a scary situation.

Barr had seen the man walking around the park with his compound bow before beginning his shoot. He immediately knew what was going on when he heard the aluminum hit the concrete.

“He had the bow in hand and he was staring at me,” Barr said. “So I started taking pictures of him and dialing 911.”

A woman who was with the suspect attempted to pick up the arrow and flee, but Barr was able to keep possession of the arrow. More importantly, he documented the whole incident with his camera.

He gave his photographs of the suspect to the Cincinnati police department, who arrested the man an hour later. The suspect had changed clothes before he was caught, thinking it might help him escape.

The man is held at the Hamilton County jail on one count of assault, and bail is set at $10,000.

The veteran investigative reporter said people have yelled at him, police have threatened him with arrest, and public officials have shoved him while on assignment. He’s never experienced anything like this.

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Man Shoots at Ohio News Reporter with Compound Bow [PICS]