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Report from ATA 2015: Awesome New Inflatables from Violator Decoys [VIDEO]

Brad Smith

It’s plain and simple. Violator Decoys are going to change the way hunters use decoys for deer. 

I love using decoys during all phases of the deer hunting season. However, I also hate using decoys at the same time, simply due to how cumbersome they can be. If you use a lot of decoys, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

These inflatable doe and buck decoys from Violator might just change the way all hunters approach this highly effective hunting technique.

I spent a lot of time at the Violator Decoy booth while at the ATA show this year. I walked past their booth at first, then on the second stroll by, I watched Chris Vaaler give a demo of their product and was reeled right in. A constant problem that many decoy users encounter is that bucks get spooked when decoys don’t move. Well, this decoy moves.

Check out this video from Violator Decoys, and see for yourself just how amazing these decoys are.


See why I was hooked? Just imagine having a buck walk out 200 yards away and you can make your doe vanish, then reappear, then vanish again. Are you telling me that won’t get his attention?

I did have a few questions though. How will this decoy handle the wind? Seeing as it’s inflatable, a high wind will just knock it down right?

“It’s actually great in wind,” according to Vaaler. “All you have to do is adjust the fan. In fact, the windier it is, the better. It helps hide the noise of the fan.”

Chris Vaaler at the Violator Decoy booth at ATA 2015

So naturally, that opened up my second question: How loud is this fan anyways?

Luckily, Vaaler put that question to bed too. Coming in at only 42 decibels, I could barely hear it standing right next to me as it inflated. If you are curious, 40 decibels is considered a whisper.

“Showing deer the decoy, then turning it off so it goes down, is one of the best things you can do,” Vaaler said. “Then, you have no noise, and you have no decoy. Next thing you know, that buck is on approach.”

Currently, the Violator Decoy is available through their website directly at Be sure to check out not only their doe and buck, but also the cow elk, turkey, and antelope decoys as well. Violator Decoys should be available nationwide soon.


Images via Brad Smith

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Report from ATA 2015: Awesome New Inflatables from Violator Decoys [VIDEO]