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How to Render Bear Fat Into Bear Grease [VIDEO]


Bear fat can make the best pie crust and biscuits on the planet, waterproof your leather goods, and more.

Bear fat was once a much desired commodity by frontier and homesteading people.

Folks valued it as a high quality cooking ingredient. Its reputation as an ingredient for making superlative pie crusts is well known. It was also used as an effective lubricant and waterproofing agent. Oil lamps using bear grease reportedly could burn for hours on less than a cup’s worth.

Steven Rinella also suggested that bear fat from bears that have dined extensively on blueberries may be the most delicious thing on the planet.

Shawn Woods illustrates the exceedingly simple process for rendering bear fat into a valuable and useful end product with myriad uses.

Imagine the look on the faces of friends and family when you tell the story of your bear hunt at the dinner table, perhaps during desert, and end your tale by revealing that the blueberry pie everyone is raving about is made, at least in part, from that very bear!

That scene alone makes me wish I had a bear tag right now. At the very least, your ability and effort in rendering bear fat into bear lard or grease illustrates the best qualities of hunters who respect an animal enough to utilize as much of it as possible.

I urge you to visit the companion piece to this video article and see how Woods further processed his bear by pressure canning the meat.

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How to Render Bear Fat Into Bear Grease [VIDEO]