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Remove a Turkey Beard in 3 Seconds [VIDEO]

The fastest and easiest way to remove a turkey beard requires no tools, just a dead longbeard.

So you had a successful turkey hunt? Congratulations. All that practice with your calls, scouting, and time afield came together and you’ve harvested a trophy longbeard. Saving the beard from your bird will remind you of the hunt for years to come.

Watch this cool video from Realtree and the guys at Antler Geeks to learn the fastest way to remove your turkey beard that requires little or no curing.

Most hunters cut the beard away from the turkey’s chest and cure the meaty tip with salt or borax. The method of removing the turkey beard shown in the video leaves very little, if any, meat attached and requires no curing time before your beard can be displayed.

All that’s left to do is hang the beard on the wall. Make sure you save the spurs and tail fan too.

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Remove a Turkey Beard in 3 Seconds [VIDEO]