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How to Remove a Fishing Hook from Yourself or Others [PICS]

Otago Daily Times

Here’s how to remove a hook from yourself or others if it happens on your next fishing trip.

It can happen to anyone at anytime while out fishing. Whether you are trying to get a hook from a fish and it jerks, or your kid whips his pole past your leg…wham, a hook sinks into your flesh. Now what do you do?

If you have the stomach for it and a decent pain tolerance, follow these techniques below to remove almost any fish hook rather than immediately calling an ambulance.

Before you begin trying to remove any hook, disinfect the area and cut off any fishing line or lures still attached to it.

1. Barbless Hooks

Barbless hooks are the simplest. Just firmly grab them and pull them back through the way they went in.

2. Sting yank technique

Hisbiscus by the Bay

a) Tie some fishing line to the shank of the hook.

b) Push down firmly on the back of the hook’s eye.

c) Quickly yank back on the fishing line. Make sure the line is parallel to the shank before you pull. This will pull the hook right out with minimal damage to the area.

The string yank technique should not be used if hooked in ears or nose. It will just rip the hook out and be extremely painful.

3. Advance and cut technique



a) Push the point of the hook and barb out of the skin.

b) Cut off the hook below the barb with pliers.

c) Pull it back through where it went in.

When dealing with something that has multiple points, such as a treble hook, cut off all uninvolved barbs first.

DO NOT remove fish hooks that are stuck in or near the eye, near an artery, or deeply in the skin. Stabilize the area and seek immediate medical attention. The same goes for being embedded by a rusty hook, always keep your tetanus shots up to date.

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How to Remove a Fishing Hook from Yourself or Others [PICS]