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How to Remove a Fishing Hook in Extreme Cases

Do you know hot to remove a fishing hook in an emergency?

Knowing how to properly remove a fishing hook in the event of an emergency can make you a valuable asset to any fishing trip.

Learn how to remove a fishing hook in extreme cases from this video. Hopefully you won’t have to do it any time soon, but it’s good to be prepared.

The YouTube user had this to say about the video, “This method should only be done in extreme cases where medical facilities are not available. Please don’t try this method if you are able to seek medical advice; always seek a professional medical advice where possible.”

Remember that if you don’t have access to medical facilities, this method is the next best thing. Be sure to take off the lure before attempting to take out the hook.

Now that you’ve seen this video, you know more about removing fishing hooks from people’s hands. Although this is a good skill to have, hopefully the only thing you’ll have to get a hook out of in the future is a fish’s lip.


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How to Remove a Fishing Hook in Extreme Cases