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Remington To Build Manufacturing Plant In Alabama, Employ 2,000 Workers

On Monday, Remington will announce plans to construct a large manufacturing plant in Huntsville, Ala. that could employ 2,000 workers. reported that the gun manufacturer will announce their plans for the new facility during a special meeting with the Huntsville City Council at 5 pm on Monday. The Military Times reported on Friday that the company plans to purchase a 500,000-square-foot facility for manufacturing and training for their commercial, military and law enforcement divisions.

The proposed factory is mainly a response to the growing national demand for firearms. Remington’s largest manufacturing plant is currently based in Ilion, New York. Last year, the federal government gave Remington an $80 million contract to build 5,000 sniper rifles at their New York plant. In 2013, Remington also announced a $20 million expansion to their New York plant.

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New York’s recent passage of strict gun laws may have also influenced their decision to build a new large-scale factory in another state. Remington’s New York factory builds AR-15’s, which are banned under New York’s SAFE Act a law that passed last year which restricts gun ownership and sales in the state.

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A spokesperson for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said no jobs at Remington’s New York plant will move to Alabama. Remington’s proposed 500,000-square-foot facility would be one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the state.

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Remington To Build Manufacturing Plant In Alabama, Employ 2,000 Workers