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Remembering the 10 Best Toy Guns Ever [PICS]

Put yourself in the time machine and reminisce about these top ten toy guns from our youth.

From the time we picked up a stick, pointed it at our best buddy and said “bang,” we knew that we wanted to play with guns. As time went on, we found toy guns better than that stick, and here they are:

1. The Pop Gun

It’s interesting that somebody decided to call their toy gun company “Daisy,” but that name is now synonymous with several of our favorite toys. All you had to do with this one was cock it and pull the trigger.

I cocked mine so many times, it was broken within a week.
Gun Auction


2. The Cap Gun

By unrolling a package of the cap-gun powder loaded caps and inserting them into the pistol, we could now save our voice and have all the sound we wanted while we blasted away at our enemies.

How many of you took a hammer to the whole roll?

Yeah, me too.

Child Therapy Toys


3. The Squirt Gun

Loaded with the best ammo ever, this toy gun could find a reload at the kitchen sink or at the hose. There was never someone who wasn’t a target, especially a mouthy sibling.

Was I the only one who had a little brother?


4. The Rubber Band Gun

This one was fun for a while. Once we realized that you could use your finger, the teacher was in trouble.

Horse and Saddle Shop


5. The Dart Gun

Is it just me, or was no one else in the universe ever able to make one of those damn suction cup darts stick to anything?


6. The Potato Gun

Created the famous line: “Mom, get some potatoes, I’m out of ammo.”


7. The Disk Gun

I bounced these bad boys off the wall, the dog, my sister, every single lamp shade, stacked cups, and my mom’s collection of Elvis plates.

We still find them under her couch to this day.
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8. The Ray Gun

The best ammo for this gun was your own imagination. Every kid had his own sound. It would be a riot chasing each other around the house until that one kid inevitably said “pow” with it.

I think he’s still in the garbage can we stuffed him in.

Blender Artists


9. The Nerf Gun

Some of them shoot foam balls; some of them shoot foam darts. The toy of the future was more than welcome at my house. The big selling point was how safe they were.

Tell that to my brother’s face.

Scared Monkeys


10. The Red Rider BB Gun

While not exactly a toy, the Red Rider did give a lot of kids that first huntin’ gun. We plinked soda cans and maybe even a few blackbirds.

The toy gun that spawned a generation of Christmas B-movie lovers is the same one that little Ralphie used. I’d love to have it to do all over again.

Even if I do shoot my eye out.

There’s a lot of fun and memories stored here in these toy guns. What’s missing on this list?

In any event, arm yourself with one of these again and remember: For every kid who grew up with one of these, we salute you.

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Remembering the 10 Best Toy Guns Ever [PICS]