Boston Fisherman
Facebook Screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Remember When Those Crazy Boston Fishermen Were on Jimmy Kimmel?

These Boston fishermen were hilarious.

As popular as fishing can be, it is rare for any fishing story to go massively viral and pick up some mainstream attention. It usually takes something more ridiculous than normal for the big news channels or late night talk show hosts to start sharing it.

That was the case with Mikey Bergin and Jay Foster. These guys were out fishing one day when they hooked into a giant ocean sunfish, one of the strangest and most mysterious creatures lurking in the depths of the sea.

They immediately started rolling video of the fish hooked at boat side. It went wildly viral because of the two men's reactions to the catch. It led to Jimmy Kimmel doing an interview about the experience with the two men. It ends up being one of the funniest fishing interviews ever.

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"It's moby dick!"

The reactions of these guys to this fish are nothing less than hilarious. Obviously, the original video of their catch went instantly viral, not because of the strange fish, but for the hilarious commentary. Could these guys be any more stereotypically Boston? It is little wonder this viral video grabbed the attention of hosts like Kimmel. These guys are pure comedy gold.

The only thing better than the original video were these guys' interactions with Kimmel. Their disdain for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and love for Tom Brady is expected and hilarious.

We can't blame these guys for freaking out over the ocean sunfish. Or for being confused over what exactly they had just caught. Also known as the common mola or Mola mola, these fish are relatively uncommon and have a vulnerable conservation status in most parts of the world where they are found. These massive fish can weigh a whopping 500 to 2,200 pounds when fully grown. That is one big and very weird fish!

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