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Remember That Time Teddy Roosevelt Killed 512 Animals on Safari?

Teddy Roosevelt went on an unbelievable safari after his presidency in the name of conservation. 

Theodore Roosevelt is known for being one of the most conservation-minded presidents of all time. He preserved many state parks for generations and was also an avid hunter, even calling North Dakota home as a place of rebirth following the deaths of his wife and mother.

After his presidency, he went on a safari, sponsored by the Smithsonian. Watch the video and learn about his interesting trip.

Roosevelt and his son killed the all the animals themselves and only kept 12 of them. The rest went for science and offered learning aids for many years to come.

Thankfully, science has come a long way and tallying up that amount of animals isn't needed. It's crazy to think how much science and conservation can change in just a mere 100 years.

This video also highlights how our understanding of the planet can change with each new scientific discovery. At this time, Teddy's beliefs were perfectly aligned with common scientific thought, even though today, we understand that this many animals was probably a little much.


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Remember That Time Teddy Roosevelt Killed 512 Animals on Safari?