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Remember English Camping in the 60s? I Don’t Think You Do

This bit of retro camping film from the 1960’s shows a completely different world of thought. Here’s how they did it when the rules were a bit more relaxed.

Back in the 60s, all you needed was a scooter, a sidecar, and a clam shell on wheels. Here’s how things happened during a much simpler, albeit more questionable time.

Get ready to watch people in matching clothes, a woman in heels, and a little girl in a dress all go to the seaside for a relaxing weekend away from the noise and bustle of the city.

First, go and get a pen and paper for all the questions you’ll have.

Well anyway, they said it was in the 60s, and it looks like the 60s so let’s just go with it.

The commenter says that the (folding) caravan weighs only three-and-a-half ‘hundredweight’ which is roughly 392 pounds, not to mention a dingy. Some question the capacity for a scooter that size to even be able to tow two adults, a child in a sidecar and the little camper at all, while others say that the ’59 Lambretta Li 150 used has more than enough power.

Now let’s speak to the little girl in the sidecar without a helmet. It certainly speaks to a time when the rules of the road were quite different and yet according to Simply Sidecars, a rider in the sidecar (in the UK) is not required to wear a helmet. Whether the law was the same in the UK in 1959 well, you look it up.

The camper is listed at 6’6” high by 6’6” long, 4’9” wide, and looked as if it was going to collapse the second they opened it! Both adults looked like they were at least as tall as the caravan was long so sleeping three must have been a challenge.

The bottom line is that this is what they used back in the day to go camping at the seashore. It’s a great look back at a simpler time long since gone, and you’re damn right, if that’s what we had, we would have done it just like they did, too!



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Remember English Camping in the 60s? I Don’t Think You Do