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MUST-SEE: Jerry Miculek's Unbelievable Reload Record [VIDEO]

Don't blink, you might miss the fastest reload record in the world.

Jerry Miculek is the man. Why do we know this? Because he does things with guns most of us will never dream of.

Exhibit A: this video from HeyYouItsMyTube highlighting his 1999 record-breaking shooting and reload feat with a stripped-down revolver.

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Yes, there were 12 shots fired in under three seconds. Yes, he reloaded six bullets at one time.

This world record was reached in 1999 with a .45 ACPT Smith & Wesson revolver. The shot was at 15 feet.

Moon clips were used to eject the bullets quickly, so this was helpful with the reload, but this kind of skill takes a ton of practice. The clip itself remains in place while the shooter is firing, and then extracts along with the empty cartridge. This allowed Miculek to simultaneously reload six chambers at one time.

Ever thought of shooting this fast? Have you ever competed in speed drills?


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MUST-SEE: Jerry Miculek's Unbelievable Reload Record [VIDEO]