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Reload on a Budget with the Lee Loader [VIDEO]

Terril Herbert

The Lee Loader is a great way to get into loading your own ammunition with little investment and space involved.

Do you or someone you know want to get into reloading with minimum investment? It seems to be on the minds of many with ammo shortages a recent memory. I had the same question in my head a few years ago when I started shooting handguns.

College kids don’t usually have money to spend so I opted to get myself a reloading manual, a cheap measuring scale, my components, a plastic hammer, and a Lee Loader set.

Lee Loaders come in a variety of popular calibers, though out of production sets for other calibers and gauges can be had on the secondary market. They retail for only $30 and are capable of making match grade ammunition. Here is what a Lee Loader set is and how to use it:

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1) Takes very little space and is very portable.

2) Does not require accessories to ease the reloading process.

3) Far less expensive than most conventional presses.

4) Every step is done manually so mistakes are hard to make.

5) Rifle loaders resize only the neck of the case for long case life.


1) Reloading is more time consuming.

2) Rifle cases can only be used in the rifle you fired them in since it is neck sized only.

Final Thoughts

So is the Lee Loader your ticket to lower prices, better accuracy, and an answer to recent ammo shortages? In my opinion, yes. Though the Lee Loader is not going to win any speed contests it has made ammunition for me that shoots more accurately, costs less, and kept me shooting when there was no ammunition on the shelves. With only a $30 initial investment, I cannot ask for more and I highly recommend the Lee Loader kits.

Find yours here or at any other online retailer.

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Reload on a Budget with the Lee Loader [VIDEO]