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Reload on a Budget with the Lee Hand Press [VIDEO]

Reloading does not have to cost an arm and a leg. If you are short on funds or space, the Lee Hand Press is a good bargain.

The Lee Hand Press was my second equipment buy when I got into the reloading world. I wanted something inexpensive but faster than the fine Lee Loader kits I was using.

While it does require a few additional gadgets, the amount of rounds I could load made the investment worth it. Not to mention the fact that the Lee Hand press is saving the wear and tear on my hands by not having to hold on to the Lee Loader’s sizing die while pounding the ammunition together.

See the Lee Hand Press in action here:

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Lee Loader Advantages

  • Ability to size-cast bullets.
  • Easy to change out calibers vs. needing another Lee Loader kit to reload other calibers.
  • Silent operation and much faster reloading process.
  • Fully resizes cases so they can be used in multiple firearms.

Bench Press Advantages

  • Inexpensive and takes no dedicated space.
  • Single step process to ensure no mistakes can be made.

Lee Loader Disadvantages

  • Requires dies and a means to prime the cases.

Bench Press Disadvantages

  • Dies must be changed for every operation, unlike a turret press.

Final Thoughts

I have seen no reason to upgrade beyond my Lee Hand Press. It’s simple, takes up no space, and calibers can be changed with just another set of dies.

It has given me the right combination of speed, price, and versatility. While an IPSC shooter may want something that produces more rounds faster, the Lee Hand Press is a great bargain for economical reloading.

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Reload on a Budget with the Lee Hand Press [VIDEO]