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Registration for South Dakota Depredation Hunts Opens Soon

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The application period for South Dakota’s winter depredation hunts starts Tuesday.

The South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks Department is encouraging hunters to register for possible depredation hunts targeting deer, antelope, and turkeys. These hunts are used to help manage wintertime wildlife populations on private lands across the state.

According to Keith Fisk, the state’s wildlife damage program administrator, the hunts are heavily effected by the severity of the winter and the size of local animal populations. The goal of the hunts is to help landowners who are suffering a loss of stored-feed supplies.

Residents who apply for the hunt are placed in a random drawing and are encouraged to apply to locations near their home since the hunts are often time sensitive.

These South Dakota depredation hunts sound like a great way to put some extra meat in the freezer and enjoy some extra time in the field.

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Registration for South Dakota Depredation Hunts Opens Soon