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Reggie the Pheasant Pesters Hunters Relentlessly

Reggie the Pheasant
Image via Screenshot

You’ll be glad it’s not you when you see just how relentlessly Reggie the Pheasant annoys these hunters.

April Wylesky from Trail Cam Junkies was out on a hunt this past week when a bird she calls Reggie the Pheasant showed up. April jumped on Facebook and started showing the video live, and you’ll find it hard to believe just how teneaciously Reggie the Pheasant pesters her as she tries to continue her deer hunt.

It’s not explicitly stated whether Reggie is a tame pheasant or if he just took an unnatural liking to Wylesky and company, but either way, it seems like she didn’t want to hurt or kill the bird, but he was definitely determined to ruin the hunt if at all possible.

Has anyone else ever had an encounter like this while out on a hunt? If so, we’d love to hear all about your adventures. Send them my way through the social media channels below!

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Reggie the Pheasant Pesters Hunters Relentlessly