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17 Redneck Prom Photos Because This is America

My Confined Space

Do you, or your kids, need some inspiration for prom this year? Camo is in, and so are guns. Be fashionable this year and take example from these redneck prom photos.

 Prom season is upon us. Whether you yourself are going or if someone in your household is, check out these fine examples of how to incorporate camo, guns, or redneck attire on your special night.

1. Hunter Orange and Camo Couple

This young couple clearly has hunting heritage. Those are some good-looking, and wonderfully matching, outfits.

College Humor

2. Because Prom Photos Are Better with Guns

Who wants a boring picture of couples blankly smiling? This prom snapshot is made all the better with rifles, mean mugs, and the classic American stoop.

My Confined Space

3. Dad in the Background...Shirtless

The couple looks great, but Dad wanted to relive the glory days. Do you see the naked little brother peeking in the trees? Yes, rednecks are family men through and through. Prom is a special night for everyone in the family.

On Jackson Street

4. Classy Camo

Did Mossy Oak make those custom? That's some fine-looking camo.

Photo Bucket/Ville Platte Prom

5. Cowboy and Muck Boots

The cute boot couple! Or else they're going out in the field after they make a quick appearance at prom.


6. Country Through and Through

If this ain't country, I don't know what is.


7. Guns Boost Self-Esteem

Everyone's more confident with a gun.

Funny Junk

8. Country Gals Take Chickens to Prom?

Are chickens good dates?

Coed Magazine

9. Lookin' Good

Camo looks good on them, and that guy knows it.


10. Stag Off-Roading

She may be going stag to prom but not before doing some off-roading. She'll be coming in hot to prom, ready to party.

Pinterest/Carla B

11. Prom Proposal Perfection

And boys, here is a fine way to ask for a prom date.


12. Archery Date

Bullseye pun insert here.

Pinterest/Esther Coggin

13. Turkey Hunting Prom Queen

She cleans up well after chasing gobblers.


14. Guns and Camo

This couple looks good but I'm sure she may regret making that face 20 years from now.

Happy Nice Time People

15. Hunter's Orange > Neon Pink

I'm pretty sure the girl picked the neon pink accents. Those outfits look mighty waterproof, maybe they are going duck hunting after.

Img KId

16. True Hunting Couple

Ahhh spring, when love is in the air. And trophy bucks are getting bigger.

Rad City

17. Stags Going Stag

Camo tuxes look all the better with trophy mounts behind them.

Totally Stichin

And then you have to take this to prom-


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17 Redneck Prom Photos Because This is America