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Redington’s Latest Fly Fishing Video is Just Flat out Awesome

fly fishing video screencap

Who doesn’t love another really good fly fishing video? 

Redington has been putting out one great fly fishing video after another over the past couple of seasons. This latest video is absolutely no exception. I’m not sure if it speaks to me differently than others, but when I watch this video, I see all the things that make fly fishing just so exceptional.

Here, see for yourself. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself daydreaming about something similar and drifting off into a little fantasy by the time the video is over.

Perhaps it’s the camaraderie of the couple obviously on display. Maybe it’s that fly fishing always seems to only take place in the most beautiful destinations. However, probably, it’s the epic shots of beautiful trout that Redington has become famous for in these videos.

So, what do you think? Were you as transported by this video as I was? This current series from the world-famous rod and fly fishing gear manufacturer might have a different meaning for everyone. Perhaps that’s what makes this video so good.



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Redington’s Latest Fly Fishing Video is Just Flat out Awesome