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Up Close: Redington Behemoth HD Fly Reel Review

Capt. Jesse Males/Backwater Fly Fishing

Here are some important facts you need to know about the Behemoth fly reel by Redington.

The Behemoth fly reel has caused quite a stir in the fly fishing industry for the past year and a half. Follow us as we take you in for a closer look at what all the fuss is about.

Thankfully, here at Backwater Fly Fishing we’ve had the opportunity to test these reels against both fresh and saltwater species throughout Costa Rica. These fish fight hard and certainly know how to put a beating down on your gear.

After all the abuse we gave these reels, find out what our thoughts were in the HD video below.

As you can see these reels did a great job standing up to the harsh tests we put them through. While we liked mostly everything about these reels. There are a few minor things that people may be concerned about.

Some people have expressed concerns with sand getting into parts of the reel that surpassed regular rinsing/cleaning. The sand was then beginning to effect the performance of the reel. While I have not seen this or experienced this issue myself, it may be something to consider if you tend to drop your reel in the dirt every time you stop to grab a drink or eat a PB&J. Remember, if you take care of your gear, it will take care of you.

The other thing that people have expressed concern about is the fact that the reel was slightly larger than they were expecting. Again, a very small concern. I will attest to the fact that when they say it is a large arbor reel, it certainly is. The reel isn’t called the Behemoth for nothing. It is made big and sturdy so it can support doing battle with big fish. It is as simple as that.

Well, folks, I hope this review of Redington’s Behemoth fly reel has been helpful. To see other gear reviews and HD fly tying videos, be sure to check out more on our website.



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Up Close: Redington Behemoth HD Fly Reel Review