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This Redfish Fly Assortment Will Make You Drool

This redfish fly assortment shows that not all fly packages are created equal.

A quality redfish fly assortment allows the angler to cover every inch of the water column. The flies have to be durable, colored correctly, and most importantly catch fish!

That is why at Backwater Flies, I offer hand-tied flies that have been proven to make fish eat.

Our Backwater Baker’s Dozen includes all the flies you need to pursue redfish and will work in a variety of different situations. All the flies come packaged in one of the best fly boxes on the planet, the Cliff’s Crab Shack.

Below are photos of the 13 flies that come in the assortment.

Photo by: Backwater Fly Fishing
Photo by: Backwater Fly Fishing

The Backwater Baker’s Dozen includes two of each of the following flies.

To add to the bunch, we threw in an extra fly we call the Legtastic Clouser. This fly is not sold separately on our online fly shop, but is included in this package as a bonus.

If you are interested in purchasing this box and are having any doubts, you can mark my word: these flies will catch fish if you know what you’re doing. Our online fly shop is full of nothing but the finest-made stuff, by people I know and trust, if not myself. We all fish ourselves, and use our experience and know how to produce things we’d use ourselves, and do on a regular basis.

I know how easy it is to be enticed by a big retailer’s price on a fly assortment, or to click purchase on those Chinese-made fly boxes full of inferior product. If you care as much as we do about things made specifically for the angling we do day in and day out, then you’ll like what you find at Backwater Fly Fishing.


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This Redfish Fly Assortment Will Make You Drool