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Redfish Blitz Captured on Video

The redfish blitz was churning up the waters near these angler’s boat, and they grabbed the camera just in time.

A blitz, in this sense, refers to this time of year, when cooler weather and winds stir up some intensive fish activity. Basically, it’s when large schools of hungry fish storming the beaches with each cold front.

And by large schools, we mean huge:

No word as to where these anglers filmed this amazing footage, but the video was uploaded mere days ago, proving that the redfish blitz is in full effect in at least a portion of our waterways.

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In anticipation of the spring migration and spawning periods, this particular redfish blitz is great for building excitement for the angler, as well as for the wildlife watcher. Really, anyone would get a kick out of the video above; it’s worth a share with any fishing friends who would appreciate it.

Stories surrounding the redfish blitz claim that oftentimes the species are so thick that you can almost walk on top of them. It’s not too far of a stretch to think that may be possible in the video.

Have you ever witnessed a fish species blitz? Did you capture any footage? Share your stories below in the comments.

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Redfish Blitz Captured on Video