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Amazing Recurve Bow Shots With Archery Prodigy Lars Andersen [VIDEO]

Lars Andersen is like the Bruce Lee of Archery; don't blink!

Watch Lars demonstrate his archery capabilities with a Recurve bow, a seldom used weapon in modern day, but brought back to life in this incredible video.

From shooting on the run, under his legs, speed shooting, and shooting flying objects... Lars Andersen is on an entirely different level. Watching this will make you second guess how good of an archer you are...

WARNING: Do not try this at home. 


Splitting an arrow on the target doesn't seem like quite the accomplishment anymore, does it?

Lars demonstrates the pros and cons of numerous shooting styles that date all the way back to medieval times. I think it's safe to say whichever army had an archer like Lars Andersen definitely had the winning advantage. He showed off some pretty deadly accuracy at incredible speeds, and I know I wouldn't want to be his enemy.

Kind of makes you want to get an old recurve bow and go running around like a medieval warrior shooting random targets...

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Amazing Recurve Bow Shots With Archery Prodigy Lars Andersen [VIDEO]