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Red-Tailed Hawk Gets Shot in the Chest and Lives

Red-Tailed Hawk shot with arrow

If you live in Pennsylvania and recently shot a hawk with your bow, the Department of Conservation is looking for you!

We all know that cats have nine lives and now I think there is proof enough that hawks have at least two. This red-tailed hawk has been spotted over the last month in South Eastern Pennsylvania in York County, flying around with an arrow impaled through its chest.

Now I’m not an animal rights activist, but this doesn’t happen by mistake. I also live in Pennsylvania and have never seen an open season on hawks of any kind.

Red-Tailed Hawk with arrow in chest
Barb Thomas – FOX43

According to FOX43 who was the first to break the story, locals have seen the hawk from Locust Point through Rocky Ridge Park in York County. Several people have been calling in to the park ranger’s office with sightings of this hawk, however, according to FOX43 who interviewed George Erskine, the ranger with York County Parks, “Every time someone comes to find it, it’s usually gone on or they try to get close to it, it takes off and then it just makes things more difficult.”

Below is a video from WGAL who also covered the story.

It’s safe to say that this hawk will probably be OK, but I do hope the Department of Conservation is able to capture the hawk to ensure its safety. It’s hard to see if the arrow had any type of broadhead or practice tip on it, but it looks as though the fletchings may be lodged within the hawk’s chest.

Just remember as hunters we are the key to animal conservation, so be sure to use safe hunting practices and always know your target and beyond.

Oh and remember, hawks are not legal game.



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Red-Tailed Hawk Gets Shot in the Chest and Lives