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Red Fox Hunts and Dives for Mice [VIDEO]

Seems like a lot of nothing in this clip, just a red fox wandering the snow fields. But, then it senses something.

The red fox hangs out for a few minutes, almost in a trance, using its exceptional sensory abilities to pinpoint an exact location. Then it jumps, dives, and makes the snag.

Check out the epic catch in the video below.

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The red fox uses its excellent sense of hearing to scope out the location of mice (being keen enough to hear mice squeaks at upwards of 100 meters away), but a recent study conducted in the Czech Republic and Germany seems to indicate the red fox can also make use of Earth’s magnetic field to aid in its hunting abilities.

Regardless of how the red fox does it, this is some seriously impressive and dead on accurate hunting.

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Red Fox Hunts and Dives for Mice [VIDEO]