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The Red Crab Migration Brings Annual Spectacle

The Red Crab migration in Australia is certainly a sight to see.

You may have heard of Christmas Island, a nice beach getaway near Australia and Indonesia. It’s also become a tourist attraction during October and November, when the annual red crab migration kicks into high gear.

Spurred by the moon phases, the migration brings millions of the island’s red crabs to the sea to breed, traveling from the dense mountainous forests to the coast.

Check out these images of the migration, they’re pretty nuts.


Image via


Image via reddit user Simmo5150


Image via reddit user Simmo5150

Previous migrations have coincided with plenty of dead crabs as cars crunched down roads, killing the sideways steppers as they attempt to cross. Thanks to some ingenious ideas and the rangers at the Christmas Island National Park, the crabs are now utilizing manmade tunnels and bridges, made specifically to help them reach their destination safely.


Image via Florida Standard


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Take a look at this behind the scenes footage from last year’s migration, as the island prepares for the red crab emergence:


Previously a human and wildlife hassle, the red crab migration has become part of life on Christmas Island, and residents have learned to embrace it and deal with it. Besides, if you’re a seafood fan, you won’t have to try hard to find a catch.

We’re sure most of you are now dreaming of a warm vacation to Christmas Island for an escape from the cold snap that recently hit the US. We know we are, but maybe we’ll save the trip for next year’s migration.

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The Red Crab Migration Brings Annual Spectacle